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Open yourself to the new-angle trading perspectives

The innovative approach to online trading, brand new financial perspectives, full support of every trader.

License & Regulations

Learn about the rules we follow for the safety, protection and integrity of our clients.

Elland Road is operated by Elland Road Capital PTY LTD (Registration no: 2021 / 939672 / 07), a South Africa Investment Firm, authorized and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa, with FSP License Number 52127.

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Creating a new financial future

Elland Road is an online financial service provider that brings a breakthrough to the online investment arena giving you access to the top-notch trading environment. At any level, traders could go the extra mile in financial perspectives and make a financial leap ahead in CFD trading.

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The knowledge

Boost your trading skills with the contemporary educational packages to create, strengthen, and upgrade trading knowledge, skills, and competencies. We’ve gathered top online courses, eBooks, articles, VODs, and much more for you to go the extra mile in your market strategy.


The delivery

Experience your new financial future with state-of-the-art trading terminals. Intuitive interface, full customization options, advanced security settings, and complete trading history track available in one click.


The effectiveness

Empower your trading with cutting-edge technological solutions and always be on the frontline with market performance. Real-time updates, instant connection to the market flow, no limits on open positions.


The approach

Create your unique trading strategy having a solid platform supporting your boldest ideas. Individualized account, dedicated customer support, the vastest choice of assets, and professional trading tools are the core of your success.


Innovative trading conditions for your market leap

Privilege of flexibility

Explore limitless market perspectives with your trading account’s full personalization, control over open/closed positions, an incredible choice of analytical tools, and complete customization of market notifications.

Power of security

Create your financial future without any second thoughts about security. Elland Road adopts the latest technologies, like encrypted transactions, strict firewalls, SSL technology, and many more to keep you on a safe track.

Forefront of experience

Experience the new-era technologies with Elland Road. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to trading or have got genuine experience on markets – our platform creates the ultimate conditions for your top performance.

Ultimate benefits for your online investment prospects