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Your new-angle perspectives in cryptocurrency trading

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most attractive online arenas worldwide. More than 30+ digital currencies have recently become an essential part of establishing a well-balanced trader's portfolio.

By joining Elland Road, you get unlimited instant access to this incredibly volatile and promising market. No limits on open positions, no commission for replenishment of the account, flexible trading conditions - that's the kind of support you need for your next breakthrough on the market.

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Cryptocurrency market in real-time

Follow the market trends in real-time and never miss a thing - with Elland Road, you get free access to a fully customizable account and instant price notifications. Set them up due to your preferences and monitor all the essential updates with ease. Buy Bitcoin or sell it via CFDs whenever you feel like it's the rightest move in your trading career.

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Advanced technological solutions for crypto trading

Cryptocurrency market is one of the most powerful places for CFD trading. Financial derivatives allow you to speculate on the price change of chosen digital currencies without having to buy, sell, or invest in them directly. Thus, your main benefit lies in analyzing and predicting the upcoming price movement on the market. Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more and more popular among traders due to each coin's high security and relative independence of this market from politics and the global economy.

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Cryptocurrencies available on Elland Road

Symbols Description Leverage (UP TO)
BTCUSD Bitcoin vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
BCHUSD Bitcoin cash vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
ETHUSD Ethereum vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
LTCUSD LiteCoin vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
XRPUSD Ripple vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
DOGEUSD Dogecoin vs USD 5 Buy Sell
DSHUSD Dashcoin vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
XLMUSD Stellar Vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
XMRUSD Monero vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
ADAUSD Cardano vs. USD 5 Buy Sell

High-tech cryptocurrency market - your innovative approach

The Crypto boom began with the invention of Bitcoin in 2008. Since 2009 this digital currency started to break into the market and never slowed down. Now cryptocurrency market covers hundreds of digital coins. Still, there are around 30+ most popular ones.

Trading crypto coins directly is quite a complicated process involving the purchase of chosen digital currencies and creating a digital wallet. Elland Road simplifies you the access to global trading with CFDs. Now you only have to test your analytical skills and predict the price movement correctly.

Like any other online trading arena, the cryptocurrency market is governed by the balance of supply and demand. Still, digital coins are not controlled by any financial institution, so they are less affected by economic or political issues compared to fiat currencies. Explore cryptocurrency trading your way and make your next financial leap with Elland Road.

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