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Make a breakthrough in index trading

Get your hands on the innovative trading environment of Elland Road. Trade more than 350 asset CFDs, including indices. Invest in an economic sector or an entire industry you believe in through CFD indices trading. Choose stock market indices based on your trading knowledge and take a step forward to your aspired financial future.

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Do you believe in the bullish potential of Tesla? Test your theory with S&P, an index, which evaluates the stock performance of 500 large companies enlisted on stock exchanges in the US. Seize the new-era index trading opportunities with Elland Road.

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Get your trading grip on the emerging market opportunities. Real-time updates and connections to the market flow allow you to stay up to date with all the essential changes. Spot a trading chance and act according to your financial vision.

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Indices available at Elland Road

Symbols Description Leverage (UP TO)
AUD200 Australia 200 Cash Index 200 Buy Sell
DE40 Germany 40 Cash index 200 Buy Sell
ES35 Spain 35 Cash Index 200 Buy Sell
F40 France 40 Cash Index 200 Buy Sell
JP225 JPN225 200 Buy Sell
N25 Netherlands 25 Cash Index 200 Buy Sell
STOXX50 Euro 50 Cash index 200 Buy Sell
UK100 UK 100 Cash Index 200 Buy Sell
USTEC NAS100 200 Buy Sell
US500 SPX500 200 Buy Sell
US30 Dow Jones 30 200 Buy Sell
SWI20 Switzerland 20 Cash index 200 Buy Sell

Explore new online investment prospects

Indices trading with Elland Road is about new-angle perspectives in online trading. Modern tech solutions in analytics, data security, trading education are combined to help you make a financial leap ahead in CFD trading. Trade major world indices without owning any indices via CFDs.

Grab your chance to diversify your investment portfolio and strengthen your trading position on the market through indices trading. Make flexible trading conditions, advanced analytics tools, instant market notifications, superb education hub, etc., work for your breakthrough in online trading.

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