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Complaint form

Client Complaints Procedure

This is the form you need to fill in if you wish to submit a complaint to Elland Road Capital. For assistance in completing this form, please contact one of our customer support representatives at +27101572581.

Please fill in the form and click on the “Submit Your Complaint” button below to submit your complaint right away and automatically to Elland Road Capital PTY LTD. Please be advised that the Company reserves the right not to accept complaints submitted by any other means or method (i.e. E-mail, telephone, etc.).

Complete, up-to-date and accurate information must be provided to Elland Road Capital PTY LTD for the purpose of investigating and evaluating your complaint. Please note that the complaint form below is indicative and non-exhaustive. Elland Road Capital PTY LTD may request additional information and/or clarification and/or evidence regarding your Complaint. In addition, Elland Road Capital PTY LTD may request that you re-submit a new complaint form if it believes that you have completed and/or falsified your complaint form.

Elland Road Capital PTY LTD will endeavour to resolve your complaint on the basis of good faith, equity and taking measures consistent with market practices.

Elland Road Capital PTY LTD Client Complaint Form

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